Showing Hearts Coworking Community: Nonprofit Resource Hub

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Raised: $5,000 / $10,000
Campaign Duration: 1613 Days

Our Story: In 2010, our founder had an idea to create an organization that supported individuals living in under-served communities.  However like most problem solvers he quickly realized that unless you are well connected, already have funding or know exactly what you are doing when creating an organization….. you begin to feel overwhelmed and might Give Up.

After completing our initial program we decided to take a step back and revamp our mission to instead make it easier for new, existing or growing organizations to make the lasting impacts they’ve missioned to do.

No longer will visionaries feel stuck, alone and on an “island” when trying to make a change.

We now use a collaborative process to support our problem solvers like you. We’ve created a Co-Working Community where community stakeholders are surrounded by like minded creators, have access to programming space, access to program partners and can take part in continuous workshops/ Learning Hubs……. Grant Writing, Marketing Services, Book Keeping, Organizational Development & More!


Trying to grow a program or develop your leadership skills, but feel like you’re working in isolation?

Do you wish you could connect with your peers about the issues your organization is working on? Local nonprofit Leaders tap into our CoWorking community groups, Nonprofit development meet ups, and our Bootcamps to build their capacities!