YOUTHpreneur Summit™ program

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Raised: $35,000 / $50,000
Campaign Duration: 1227 Days

Building a business at any age takes great courage and confidence Yet in communities of color life circumstances and other institutional barriers can hinder our Teens ability to dream big and discover their full potential!

Our YOUTHpreneur Summit program introduces and equips our students with the tools, skills and the resources needed to succeed!

Within a series of after school and community programming our Youthpreneurs learn a wide array of transferable skills such as Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Budgeting/Financial Literacy and much more!

Even though a child may not be interested in creating their own business, during YOUTHpreneur Summit we help our youth understand that they themselves are their own company (brand) and how they present themselves will always be important within their adult career.

We teach and empower our youth, building their Self Confidence skills so that they can succeed through life obstacles and challenges!

Youthpreneur Summit 2019